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How To Fix Canon Printer Offline? Join Hands With Our Experts Now!

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Canon is a wireless printer that helps you to print from any device without using any USB cable. Sometimes when we use canon printer to print our important documents it stays Canon Printer Says Offline. This catastrophic situation may hamper your work and lower the productivity of the output you are thinking for. It’s like a headache for the user to get rid of the Canon Printer Offline issue.

There are several reasons for Canon Printer Says Offline on your Windows 10 or maybe 9. May be wireless devices such as router and printer loose connection. Majorly, canon printer drivers are damaged because of the infection. Get to know about probable causes and their fixes to resolve the issue for Canon Printer Offline.

Canon Printer Offline

Issues Related To Canon Printer Offline​

The issue occurs owing to a communication error between your PC and printer. Here are some of the reasons that may be listed for communication to fail.

  • Loose printer connections.
  • Faulty printer settings.
  • Previous jobs in the printing queue

Best Ways To Change Canon Printer Offline To Online

Following are the easy steps to change the canon printer situation and resolve the issue in a convenient way,

Check the printer connections

Sometimes, even the minor issue with your printer can cause the Canon Printer Offline issue to occur. It is best to check the printer connections before proceeding with something else. You need to make sure that the printer connections are just proper. You need to look into that the Cables are correctly inserted, and wires are not worn out to fix the Canon Printer Says Offline issue. Also, verify that the wall socket is working fine. For a wireless connection, you also need to confirm that the router is in the best working condition.

Faulty printer Settings

Inappropriate printer settings are another reason for your printer to go offline. To fix the Canon Printer Offline issue, you need to set your printer to default and disable the Use Printer Offline option, if enabled. Follow the easy steps below to rectify the Canon Printer Says Offline issue.

  • To proceed with setting your printer as default, you need to click on the Start Button.
  • After that, select the “Devices and Printers for fixing the “Canon Printer Offline” issue.
  • Now, right-click on your printer and then click “Set as default printer.”
  • Again right-click on the printer and disable Use Printer Offline option is already checked.

See, if you can resume the printing by following the easy steps above. If you still haven’t found a proper fix for the same, move on to the next step.

Cancel all the previous jobs in the printing queue

  • Proceed by opening your start menu for fixing Canon Printer Says Offline issue and then type the control panel in the search bar.
  • Thereafter, select “Hardware and Sound” option, and then double-click on it. Then click Device and Printer option from there. A list of printers connecting your system will be displayed. Select your printer that requires changes. Click on “See what’s printing option. Find use printer offline option and check whether it is unchecked. If not, uncheck it.
  • After doing needful, cancel all documents and save the process. Restart your system and check if the issue “Canon Printer Offline” issue is resolved.

If you have still do not have a solution for the same, you can connect with advanced printer experts at Canon to help you fix Canon Printer Says Offline issue.

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